Travel Better: Book Corporate Car Service

Good corporate travel could be defined as an experience that allows you to be productive while also being comfortable, to be safe while you get from place to place while also enjoying minimal stress in getting there.

There are ways to improve your next business trip without stepping outside of your comfort zone or changing your schedule; one of the easiest ways to do this is by investing in corporate car service.

For business travelers in large, congested and confusing cities, like Washington, D.C., car service could be a godsend in times of chaos.

Check out these 4 reasons corporate car service is a necessity when you travel for business.


Perhaps the most important thing corporate car service can provide you during your business travels is dependability.

In a crowded city like D.C., the chances of finding a cab out of the airport during rush hour are slim. You’ll be competing with thousands of other travelers for a limited number of cabs, and even if you make a reservation with a cab, you aren’t guaranteed that service. Cab drivers can pick and choose the most profitable fares, and if your trip doesn’t fit the bill, they don’t have to pick you up at all.

Similarly, ride-sharing services exist on a first-come, first-serve basis. They are also in the habit of instituting huge surcharges during opportune times, such as midday rush hour, times of bad weather, during the holidays and other similar times.

A dependable and legitimate car service will offer efficiency from beginning to end. The moment your reservation is complete, your trip is guaranteed, and you won’t be competing with other travelers for your vehicle or for the services of your chauffeur.

Customer Service

The often lax and unsatisfactory service you receive with cabs and ride-sharing services will be remedied by booking a corporate car service.

A good company will go the extra mile to provide its clients with the utmost in service, from personable, knowledgeable chauffeurs to an expert dispatch team and reservation specialists.

If you book your trip with American Executive Transportations of Washington D.C. during your next trip to our nation’s capital, you can expect local expert chauffeurs, beautiful vehicles and attention to detail throughout your time with us.


When you’re experiencing stress from harried traveling and a tight schedule, the solace and comfort of a luxury vehicle can make a world of difference.

The right car service company will provide you with a variety of late model vehicles to choose from when you make your reservation, so you can have the amenities and comforts that best suit you.

American Executive is proud to offer a diverse fleet that features a range of vehicle sizes and amenities:

  • Cadillac Sedan
  • Mercedes Sedan
  • Cadillac SUV
  • Lincoln Limousine
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van
  • And more!

When you have a beautiful vehicle with leather seating, a state-of-the-art sound system and a quiet, private space to unwind, get work done or take in the view, your corporate travel will be exponentially improved.

Transparent Billing

One of the most frustrating things about cabs and ride-sharing services is the lack of transparency when it comes to billing. You deserve to know how much you’ll be expected to pay for each leg of transportation you’ve reserved; the only service that can provide such transparency is a corporate car service.

When you book a corporate car service, you’ll know exactly what you’re expected to pay the moment your reservation is complete. There won’t be unexpected surcharges because your ride occurs during rush hour, on a holiday or during bad weather. You won’t be expected to pay more based on demand, and if you need to add hours to your trip, you’ll be informed of the price increase immediately.

Transparent billing is another way professional corporate transportation can help minimize stress and maximize productivity and enjoyment during your next business trip.

Contact American Executive Transportations today to make corporate travel reservations with a company you can trust.

Photo Credit: Beverly and Pack