Want to get married in or near the nation’s capital? You’re in luck, as many luxurious wedding venues are available in the Washington, DC area.

Here’s a closer look at four unique wedding venues located in or near DC:

  1. L2 Lounge

    The perfect wedding destination for the hip and the stylish, the L2 Lounge offers a sophisticated, elegant venue to host a special event.

At the L2 Lounge, guests can enjoy the perfect mix of style and functionality. This upscale wedding space boasts an ambiance all its own as well as a convenient location in the central courtyard area of Cady’s Alley in DC’s historic Georgetown neighborhood. The L2 Lounge also offers exceptional food and beverages, ensuring visitors will have no trouble sampling superb snacks, first-rate cocktails and much more.

Check out the L2 Lounge for a one-of-a-kind wedding experience that guests are sure to remember for years to come.

  1. George Washington Masonic National Memorial

Visit the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, and any guest will see history come to life instantly. Meanwhile, those who are planning a wedding should consider this destination for their ceremony and reception, as it features ample space as well as numerous stunning features.

For instance, the memorial offers a wide assortment of deluxe rooms where soon-to-be brides and grooms can host their celebrations. These spaces include:

  • Memorial Theater – With eight rows of tiered seating, guests can celebrate any couple’s nuptials in comfort and style in the Memorial Theater.
  • Memorial Hall – With stained glass windows, Corinthian-style columns and other distinct features, Memorial Hall provides visitors with an exemplary setting for any celebration.
  • North Lodge Room – Red velour curtains, a medieval architectural style and other stellar features make the North Lodge Room a top choice for weddings of all sizes.

Take a trip to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial, and visitors will find an outstanding wedding venue where they can host a top-notch celebration any time they choose.

  1. Clarendon Ballroom

    Since 2000, the Clarendon Ballroom has served as an unbelievable party space. As such, this venue offers a unique wedding destination for a number of reasons.

First, the Clarendon Ballroom is committed to its clientele, which is reflected in its attention to detail. No request is too big or too small for the ballroom’s catering staff, and this team will work with customers to create custom menus that meet its clients’ needs.

Furthermore, the Clarendon Ballroom offers a top-of-the-line main ballroom with a large stage and spacious dance floor. And with the opportunity for rooftop cocktails, guests can enjoy superb drinks and dazzling views as well.

Enjoy a fun, exciting wedding celebration at the Clarendon Ballroom, an excellent venue for those who want to host a memorable celebration.

  1. Charlie Palmer Steakhouse

Want to sample mouthwatering steak during a wedding celebration? At Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, guests can enjoy wonderful steak and other delicious meals as part of a wedding reception.

Charlie Palmer Steakhouse also boasts a rooftop terrace that can accommodate 400 guests. Plus, this terrace ensures guests can enjoy an exceptional view of the Capitol.

Set the tone for an amazing wedding celebration at Charlie Palmer Steakhouse, a luxurious venue that provides delectable cuisine and terrific service.

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Traveling to and from a wedding rarely is simple. And even the process of booking wedding transportation for an entire wedding party often challenges soon-to-be brides and grooms.

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