Planning a wedding? You’re in luck if you want to plan a one-of-a-kind wedding in Washington DC.

The nation’s capital is home to a number of distinct wedding venues that make it simple for you and your soon-to-be spouse to plan an unforgettable celebration.

Here are four unique DC wedding destinations that engaged couples need to know about:

Long View Gallery

You don’t need to be an art aficionado to appreciate the beauty of Long View Gallery. This DC favorite offers a vibrant, sophisticated setting to tie the knot in comfort and style.

Long View Gallery boasts plenty of space, ensuring you can host a stellar wedding celebration for up to 175 guests. Plus, this gallery features awe-inspiring art and exhibitions year-round, making it easy for guests to view amazing masterpieces at any time.

The Mansion on O Street

A wedding destination all its own, The Mansion on O Street features themed rooms, world-class cuisine and an exceptional setting that enables guests to create their very own dream wedding celebration.

The Mansion on O Street hosts weddings of all sizes, ranging from two to 300 guests. In addition, this wedding venue offers 30 dining venues on site, fresh flowers, ice sculptures, artistic wedding cakes and much more to help you transform an ordinary wedding celebration into a memorable one.

 The Yards Park

South of Capitol Hill and east of Nationals Park, The Yards Park offers plenty of scenic space where you can enjoy a glamorous wedding.

The Yards Park features a pristine waterfall, an elevated overlook, an iconic bridge and light sculpture and other eye-catching features. And with its terraced performance venue and riverfront boardwalk, this venue makes it easy to host a dazzling wedding any time you choose.

Meridian House

A legendary masterpiece, the Meridian House offers a great choice for those who want to try something different for their wedding.

This residence includes a deluxe design that may make you feel like you’ve visited an 18th century European mansion. Furthermore, the house boasts rear and side gardens, a pebbled courtyard and amazing statues throughout its gardens that make it a distinct place to host a wedding celebration.

How are you going to get to your wedding?

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