If you’re thinking about hiring a limousine, luxury sedan or bus in the future, it’s important to keep safety at the top of your list when shopping around. At American Executive Transportation, we want everyone to be and feel safe, so we hope you find these five questions helpful in making your decision.

1. Do you do background checks and drug testing?
Probably the most important question you should ask! Whether you are trusting a limo driver with your kids, business colleagues, friends, or your own life, you really need to know who is driving you! At American Executive, we do a complete background check, including driving record, drug testing, and we call past employers.

2. Is this your car or is it owned by someone else?
Be sure to ask the make and the year of the car you will be hiring and have them send you a photo. Chances are if you don’t get a picture in a few minutes, it’s not their car. There are many companies who do not own any of their cars, as they rent them as needed. We own all our luxury limousines, sedans, vans, and buses!

3. What kind of insurance do you have?
You should always check to make sure the company you are hiring has the correct and current insurance. Many apps for hire drivers lack the proper insurance on their vehicles — greatly increasing the risk for you and your passengers. We are fully licensed and insured. All our vehicles are DOT inspected, with working seatbelts, air conditioning and heat, and are thoroughly serviced and pristinely cleaned inside and out.

4. Where can I find your testimonials or reviews?
It is a good idea to take the time to find and read reviews by “Googling” the company or reading reviews on their company website. It is also reassuring to discover if there are any awards that the company may have won. At American Executive, we love what we do and our consistent five-star rating proves that our clients love their experience too!

5. What is the cost, including the hourly rate, driver gratuity, and any other fees?
As in any business “let the buyer beware” — so be sure to ask about the hourly rate and if there are any extra fees such as fuel or parking. Ask if there are minimum hours for your hire. Does your start time include travel-time or does it start at pickup? Is there a gratuity added for drivers or is it expected?

It only takes a few minutes to ask these question and is well worth it to be informed and safe. Please feel free to ask us any questions! We have a wide range of limos, SUVs and sedans from which you can choose. Whatever your needs are for any business travel or special occasion, American Executive Transportation is here for you. Just call us at 703.662.7273 or Toll Free at 800.376.7034.