Don’t Fall Prey to These Transportation Myths on Your Big Day

Your wedding day is among the most joyous occasions of life. You get to join families with the one you love, celebrate with your family and friends and take amazing pictures, which you will cherish for the rest of your life.

Planning a wedding, however, is at the top of the stress pyramid. We don’t need to name all of the things you have to get done before the big day arrives; if you’re in the midst of wedding planning, you know full well what’s expected of you.

That being said, there are some things, important things, which can fall through the cracks. Wedding transportation is one element of your big day that can often get left to the last minute. In fact, it should be one of the first things you take care of.

Check out these other wedding transportation myths to forget as you plan your wedding.

You Can Wait

Wedding transportation is an important part of your big day, but many couples don’t start researching companies or making reservations until the last month.

This can have terrible consequences, especially for couples marrying in the summer months.

The majority of car service companies recommend booking your wedding transportation at least 2-3 months out, to ensure that you get the vehicles you want and the quantity you need.

If you wait too long to select your company and make your reservations, the company you choose could be booked up completely.

You Don’t Need Transportation for Guests

Many couples choose to book extra vehicles for their out-of-town guests, older family members and wedding party, to ensure that everyone gets to the rehearsal dinner and venue in a timely manner.

Similarly, if you’re hosting your reception at a different venue than your ceremony, you should definitely consider offering a shuttle or bus to transport your guests. If they’ve been drinking during the reception, they will appreciate a reliable method of transportation when it’s time to go back to their hotel.

If your festivities are being held in a big city, your guests might get confused trying to navigate their way around. Providing a bus or shuttle will make everything easier and timelier for everyone.

It Doesn’t Matter Which Company You Choose

This is perhaps the biggest myth on our list, and one you should immediately forget.

Many couples opt for the company that charges the least or is the most available on their big day.

Unfortunately, price and availability aren’t the only two criteria you should factor in to your decision. You need a company that has an impressive history of service and will work hard to provide you and your guests with the experience you deserve.

A company that doesn’t carefully vet and select their chauffeurs might assign you a chauffeur who doesn’t know his way around. An unskilled chauffeur might have no interest in managing your schedule or being personable to you or your guests.

The number one concern you should have when preparing to book wedding transportation is finding the right company.

The right company will do everything in their power to communicate with transparency, provide you with the service and attention you deserve, and uphold your schedule and desires on your big day.

A great company will have respect for the importance of your wedding day, and will take pride in doing everything they can to make it great.

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