Don’t Overlook the Value of Corporate Car Service This Year

Business travel is constantly evolving, bringing new opportunities for success and client relationships. One aspect of business travel that doesn’t change is how challenging it can be. Crowded airports, unsatisfactory hotels, cabs that don’t show—each of these things has likely been a stress in the life of a business traveler.

In 2016, you might be scaling back on your funds or ascending to a new level of business travel expertise. Whatever your budget and experiences entail, one thing should always be part of your corporate trips: corporate car service.

Why should you this vital service to your budget in 2016?

Cost versus Value

For many business travelers, the cost of corporate car service during their trips seems like too much. So instead, they settle for transportation methods like taxis and rental cars because in the short term, these options seem more cost-efficient.

We would invite you to ponder some things, however:

  • How often is your taxi late?
  • How often do you get lost navigating your way through a new city in a rental car?
  • What levels of stress do these kinds of incidents cause you, and how does that stress affect your work?

Your answers to these questions will reveal a lot about how much value your choice in corporate transportation really presents for you.

If you get lost en route to a meeting, you’ve lost money, and potentially your reputation with a client or business partner. If your taxi is late or doesn’t show up, you’re set back in your schedule, and you’ve adopted the unnecessary stress of finding transportation in a pinch.

Maybe you lose your focus, and have to muddle your way through introductions or an important presentation. Maybe you miss out on an important before-meeting conversation that could’ve changed your strategy.

All of these elements decrease value and increase cost. Your stress levels aren’t necessarily a fiscal cost, but they are an emotional one. Your time can be directly quantified into dollars, especially during business travel. Neither of these things is negotiable.

Peace of Mind versus Anxiety

When you’re traveling for business, you have plenty to think about without the stress of unreliable transportation adding to the pile.

You deserve to plan for your business trip knowing that ground transportation won’t be an issue for you. You deserve to experience each business flight with certainty that there will be a vehicle and chauffeur waiting for you when you land. Without these important elements, every trip is wide open to chaos and possible catastrophe.

American Executive Transportation specializes in providing superior corporate transportation in the Washington, D.C. area and beyond.

We know you’re busy; we know you expect reliable, efficient transportation that gets you where you need to go, each and every time. We are dedicated to providing our clients with what they expect and so much more.

Variety to Meet Your Needs

When it comes to methods of ground transportation like ride-sharing services and cabs, you can’t customize your experience to meet your needs.

With car service, you can.

American Executive Transportation offers professional chauffeurs who are accustomed to the demands and discretions of a packed business schedule. They are attuned to the unique needs of business travelers in ways that cab drivers and ride-sharing drivers simply cannot be.

American Executive’s chauffeurs are trained to deliver service that’s on another level of luxury and efficiency, to ensure that your trip is seamless and enjoyable.

Additionally, we offer a number of luxury vehicles to provide you with the amenities, presentation and privacy that you deserve.

Consider adding car service to your 2016 budget; we’re convinced you’ll become a believer.

Contact American Executive Transportations to plan your 2016 corporate car services today.

Photo Credit: Matthew Hurst