Looking to improve corporate travel in 2016? We’ve got the tips to help you succeed. 

Corporate ground transportation is essential for many business professionals across the globe. However, finding a safe, dependable car service sometimes can be difficult, particularly for executives with busy schedules.

Fortunately, improving your corporate travel experience in 2016 can be quick and easy – here are four tips to bolster your business travel this year:

Budget accordingly

Although ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are readily available, using a corporate car service can provide substantial value in 2016 and beyond.

Ridesharing services offer few guarantees, and there’s no telling if a driver will be able to get a business professional from Point A to Point B without delay.
Conversely, a professional car service employs friendly, expertly trained chauffeurs who prioritize customer satisfaction. This can help ensure an executive reaches his or her final destination safely and on schedule.

Include the costs associated with a corporate car service in your 2016 budget. By doing so, an executive won’t have to worry about using ridesharing services. And instead, he or she can reap the benefits of reliable, on-time ground transportation 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Utilize Mobile Apps

Smartphones and tablets are changing the way business professionals operate, especially those who consider themselves road warriors.

Business professionals who leverage mobile apps can become more productive, regardless of their location.

For example, apps are available that enable users to book ground transportation from any location, at any time. There are also apps that connect business professionals with peers worldwide, making it easy to complete work tasks while they travel.

  • DUFL: Create a virtual wardrobe and have it delivered to your business travel destination, eliminating the need for carry-ons.
  • City Hour: Connect with your fellow industry professionals in your destination city or set up meetings with colleagues based on availability, all through City Hour.
  • Seat Guru: Shop for the best flight, the best seat and the best experience.

    Proceed with Caution

    With a proactive approach to corporate travel, an executive should have no trouble getting where he or she needs to go safely, quickly and comfortably.

And executives who book hotel rooms, flights and other travel accommodations sooner rather than later can reduce the risk of encountering problems along the way.

In addition, a traveler who devotes sufficient time to getting to the airport early can minimize the danger of missing his or her flight

Choose a Proven Corporate Car Service

For busy executives, only the best travel services will suffice.

That’s why selecting a top-of-the-line corporate car service ensures an executive can enjoy wonderful ground transportation at any time.

Unfortunately, finding a top-notch car service may be challenging.

And even though many travel options are available, one ground transportation company employs specialists who consistently go above and beyond the call of duty – American Executive Transportation. This worldwide ground transportation provider offers top-quality service in over 500 cities, and its staff prioritizes customer satisfaction day after day.

The American Executive team is committed to providing “extraordinary customer service with exemplary attention to detail.” And as a result, has earned a sterling reputation over the years.

AE Sedans also provides clients with a comprehensive online booking portal that delivers real-time confirmed reservations. This portal offers quick, simple online access to confirmations, receipts and trip status, enabling users to manage both their schedules and expenses easily.

American Executive offers many distinct services that business professionals won’t find anywhere else, too. These services include:

  • Flight monitoring service to ensure timely pickups
  • Corporate hourly and point-to-point rates
  • 24-hour live dispatch service
  • Pick-ups at short notice
  • Corporate direct billing
  • Complimentary newspapers
  • Airport coordinators/meet-and-greet services
  • Chauffeurs arrive 15 minutes before scheduled pickup time to ensure timeliness

And let’s not forget about American Executive’s luxury vehicle fleet, either. American Executive provides a variety of vehicles to meet travelers’ corporate and personal needs, and its vehicle fleet includes:

  • Executive sedans – With a stunning black exterior, tinted windows and other deluxe features, the executive sedans from American Executive offer stylish, elegant ground transportation.
  • Luxury SUVs – American Executive’s luxury SUVs are equipped with dark tinted privacy glass, plush leather seating surfaces, CD/DVD premium sound system and three rows of seating for up to six passengers
  • Limousines – A full-length bar, leather interior and other fabulous features make American Executive’s limousines top choices for business professionals.
  • Sprinter limousines – A great vehicle that holds up to 12 passengers, American Executive’s sprinter limousines feature wrap-around leather seating that delivers outstanding comfort.
  • Executive vans – With executive vans, large groups of business professionals can travel together to corporate outings, executive conferences and other business events.

Make 2016 a more successful year for business travel by including corporate car service in your budget.

Contact American Executive Transportations to begin planning your reservations today.