Ready for prom? For many teens, the prom countdown has begun, which means now may be the ideal time to help your child prepare for prom night.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you get ready for prom night and ensure that your teen can enjoy a safe, exciting prom experience.

Here are four prom safety tips that both you and your teen need to know about:

Teach your teen about the dangers associated with peer pressure.

You know your teen is responsible. However, the same may not be true for other children their age.

On prom night, peer pressure can be problematic, particularly for teens who are uncertain about how to deal with it. But a diligent parent who devotes the necessary time and resources to discuss prom night concerns in advance can help his or her teen prepare accordingly.

For instance, how will your teen react if she is offered alcoholic beverages on prom night? How will he respond if a medical emergency arises?

Prom night sometimes can be unpredictable, but discussing various problems that may come up during a prom ensures your child is ready to handle such issues.

Recognize the importance of maintaining open lines of communication.

As a parent, you’ll want your child to come to you with any and all questions and concerns.

Give them plenty of opportunities to come to you for support before prom night. By opening the lines of communication, you can provide guidance that may help your child make the most of his or her prom experience. And ultimately, you’ll boost your chances of keeping your child safe on prom night, too.

Find out where your child is going and when he will return home

Prom night represents a fun-filled celebration, but that does not mean you or your teen should take the evening off from making responsible decisions.

For parents, it is paramount to find out where prom is taking place, who is chaperoning the event and when the event is scheduled to end. And if your teen plans to attend a post-prom party, you also should get the address and contact information for chaperones at this celebration.

Book ground transportation with a proven chauffeured car service.

On prom night, what could be better than a luxury car service to take your teen and his or her friends from one destination to the next?

Not all prom night ground transportation providers are identical, however, and it is essential to separate the good from the bad.

For example, ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft offer no guarantees. They don’t enforce strict hiring practices or customer satisfaction techniques.

On the other hand, a chauffeured car service will have far more intense vetting and hiring standards; each chauffeur goes through stringent processes before being entrusted with a client’s transportation and experience.

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