Planning a business trip this summer? You may encounter problems along the way if you don’t prepare for your excursion properly.

For example, summer usually means vacations for many travelers and families.

This increase in large groups of travelers may force you to plan ahead, leaving time for longer waits and longer lines.

Summer also means warmer temperatures. To deal with the heat, you may need to alter your business travel wardrobe.

So what can you do to simplify your airport travel plans this summer?

We’ve got five tips to follow as you travel this season.

Pack light whenever you can.

No one wants to carry heavy luggage from one destination to the next, especially in extreme summer temperatures. Packing light can help you avoid unnecessary heavy lifting.

Buying mix-and-match basics in breathable fabrics is the first step to easier, lighter summer packing. Have one staple blazer or business coat, but change out your shirts, ties and accessories to keep each outfit fresh.

Also, don’t forget that you’ll be able to pick up disposable items like toothpaste and deodorant after you arrive at your final destination.

Purchasing these items after you arrive at your final destination ensures that you’ll be able to lighten your bags and conserve luggage space.

Bring a change of clothing in your carry-on.

When you’re traveling during the summer, you’re going to sweat. There’s just no way around it.

However, you can combat this problem by wearing lightweight clothing and bringing an extra shirt with you while you travel.  This will keep you looking fresh

Get to the airport early.

When it comes to summer business travel, is usually is a great idea to err on the side of caution when it comes to schedules.

Giving yourself an extra hour or two will ease you mind and ensure that your schedule is maintained. It shouldn’t be too hard with the extra daylight and warm weather.

Consider early flights.

Did you know that flying out first thing in the morning can help you minimize your stress levels as you travel this summer? That’s right, as an early-bird flight is among the least likely to suffer significant delays.

“Take the first flight out in the morning. It’s the flight most likely to be on time,” Travelzoo Editorial Director Andrew Young tells OPEN Forum.

Remember, in today’s business world, the early bird always catches the worm. And when it comes to finding the right time to depart, you may be better equipped to reach your final destination on schedule if you choose an early-morning flight.

Book your flight early in the morning.

In addition to considering early flights, you should try to book your flight early in the morning. This may allow you to find cheaper flights consistently this summer.

“Air travel on top business routes tends to be more expensive during the week than on weekends since there’s usually low load factors on Saturday and Sunday,” Elizabeth Avery, founder of travel website Solo Trekker 4 U, tells OPEN Forum.

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