Your Fairfax to D.C. Commute Can Actually Be Easy

Washington, D.C. is the center of some of the biggest industries in the world, as well as the political hub of the country. Many of us call D.C. our professional home, though we must commute from far away just to get there.

Of the 672,000 people who are employed in D.C., only 28% commute from within the city; the other 72% come from outlying counties and suburbs, with a huge fraction of those out-of-town commuters coming from Fairfax County.

Maybe you’re a Fairfax resident who is looking for better ways to get to D.C. than the constantly-unsatisfactory public transit. If so, we invite you to read up on the best possible method of transportation from Fairfax to D.C.: chauffeured car service.

You Aren’t Stuck Using Cabs and Public Transit

There are many drawbacks to utilizing public transit to get from Fairfax to D.C. Because Fairfax is a highly congested area outside the city, the options for time-wise transportation are limited.

Public transit, while affordable, isn’t always on schedule. The time you spend waiting on the platform or hoofing it from your home to the nearest station can be a drain on your energy and focus.

With the average trip from Fairfax to D.C. being around 19 miles, taking the Metro will cost you around an hour and 10 minutes of travel time, both to and from D.C. If the train is delayed or you have trouble finding the correct platform, the timeline only increases.

Cabs, while more on demand than public transit, can be an exorbitant cost that doesn’t provide the customer service or experience to justify such an expense.

So what is the answer?

Chauffeured Car Service: The Easier Answer

If you’ve found yourself run down by the demands of a 5-day-a-week commute via public transit, it might time to consider the better option.

Chauffeured car service is more efficient and enjoyable on a variety of levels.

For starters, you won’t have to walk from your home to the nearest station. Your chauffeur will arrive at your home to retrieve you at the time of your choosing.

Similarly, your chauffeur will handle every aspect of your trip.

A great chauffeur will be a local expert who knows the local traffic routes and patterns well, and will handle navigation from the beginning to the end.

Generally, a trip from Fairfax to Washington, D.C. by car takes significantly less time than a trip by public transit.

You can expect to shave around 20 minutes off your overall commute time when you book chauffeured car service.

Not only will you enjoy a shorter commute, you won’t have to worry with parking. Once you’ve been picked up for the day, all you have to worry about is utilizing your drive as you want to. You chauffeur takes care of the rest.

American Executive Transportation: The Premiere Provider of D.C. Car Service

When it comes to choosing the right company to provide transportation for your morning commute to D.C., you deserve the very best in service, experience and quality of vehicles.

American Executive Transportation, stationed in Sterling, Virginia, has nearly 20 years of experience providing outstanding transportation services in the Washington, D.C. area.

Our chauffeurs are certified professionals with extensive knowledge of the city and impressive customer service experience.

If you are looking to dramatically improve your Fairfax-to-D.C. commute, contact American Executive Transportation. Enjoy chauffeured car service to the city and find out what you’ve been missing.